We expertise in making exceptionally well software products. we believe in implementing smart designs, better code, pragmatic solution, quality architecture and above all our commitment towards the success of your company. We aim to design and support customized software products.

Ever thought of what an effective software consists of?

primarily, the software needs to deliver the expected business work dependably, precisely and profitably. Next, upkeep of the product should be basic and reasonable. Also, it is equally important to see that the client has a positive experience. Lastly, the budget and utilitarian advantages you get need to exceed the time and cash put into its advancement so your ROI is worthy.

Our solution

Considering our experience, we at Lyftek boast on two significant pillars of development, thus saving on your resources.

Business Competency

We acknowledge that innovation competency ought to consistently be offset with business competency. We are skilled in providing programming solutions with highly intricate business rationale, thus maintaining the simplicity of work processes for end-clients. Moreover, stellar experience at Lyftek helps us in providing variety of solutions such as e-learning.

Technology Competency

We at lyftek have effectively finished the execution of the most eminent and ambitious projects, ensuring software performance, versatility, solution-oriented maintenance and system integration.

Why Lyftek

We believe in Commitments. we provide our customers with a dedicated team to acknowledge and address every single query from the client side. And eventually as we proceed with the projects and get an opportunity to know client even better, we work to provide even better services on our end. At lyftek we assure you’re working only with the best and committed team of engineers who personally stay in lined with us. no matter what the task is than be it writing a code,editing an older version ,we expertise and believe in accomplishing every project goal. We work with latest tools and technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, thus developing unrivalled mobile, desktop and tablet application for our clients. Our goal is to structure top notch software’s that are minimal, easy to maintain and responsive. We walk you through in selecting which technology best suits your requirement. Our experts continuously work on discovering and working with new tools and systems, that can further improvise the interface into your plan of action. Our immense experience in this industry has taught us a great way to deal and conquer new projects. Just mail us your specifications, tell us about your objectives and needs and our team of expertise will guide you with their years of experience on what works best for your project. We promise, to build a software that suits your company image, abiding to the requirements, designed with perfection and customized immaculately.

Software Development process

We at Lyftek believe in nurturing long term relationship with our clients. We stay with them right from the start till the end of the entire process and even after the completion we our more than happy to serve you with our services. We assure you 100% transparency throughout the entire process and our management communicates the same in timely manner. To begin with, we first understand your objectives and goals which further help us in our software development process. To ensure there is no traces of miscommunication our team runs a check on various parameters, thus developing a software to its perfection and meeting each requirement from the client side. Our second phase primarily is the design phase, which focuses on building a user-friendly experience of the software. In this phase we continuously take notes and feedback from the users, thus ensuring hassle free development of the software. During the entire development process, a Lyftek personal is continuously in touch with the client, to ensure that the project deadlines are met and the latest and most advanced methodologies and techniques along with industry expertise have been used to build the software. Our rigorous testing processes and QA practices, combined with advanced testing tools helps in high-quality software development. At lyftek our engineers run through regular tests on our ongoing projects, as it helps in ensuring that no bugs or errors are encountered during the delivery of the software to the client. Based on the client requirements, our team continuously commit code to your code repository or deliver finished modules in phases. In case there is any unforeseen error or delay in meeting the deadline, the very same is conveyed to the client, and an efficient solution is designed so as to avoid the further hassle. Also, the team performs a final QA checks to ensure that the software is bug-free and ready for delivery. As mentioned at very beginning we believe in nurturing our relationship with clients with no interruptions, therefore we provide software maintenance and enhancement services thus keeping your software up to date with the latest technology related developments.